Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn!

Yo! It's me (Kathy)! Sorry I haven't posted lately, I've been really ~*busy*~ with stuff.  The other week Brenda and I finally got to see Breaking Dawn! We made sure we were first in line for the midnight showing :o). Of course we had to wear our t-shirts from Artilleri, with extra deodorant <3. Brenda was so sweaty.  As you can see here she was overcome with excitement.

I got sick of watching Bella fondle my man.

I had to make up for Bella's lack of facial expressions. We ate popcorn too.  Then it happened...

This qt walked in.
[03:02]  Brenda Luann Schmidt(xxx): hi jules
[03:03]  jules xx: hi brenda
[03:03]  Kathy(xxx): hi jules verne
[03:03]  Kathy(xxx): what's shaking?
[03:04]  jules xx: hi estella
[03:04]  jules xx: i'm not HE WRITER
[03:04]  jules xx: THE

We invited him to sit next to us, I was bummed when he chose to sit next to Brenda instead of me :(( They had to rub it in my face by eating their popcorn in sync.  It was so obnoxious.
[03:13]  Kathy(xxx): I don't want to stand in the way of true love
[03:14]  jules xx: sorry Kathy
[03:14]  Kathy(xxx): why do you like her more :(
[03:14]  jules xx: iwhy did you leave?
[03:15]  jules xx: my heart was blooding

Our new friend had on some nice earrings, they blinded me with science.
[03:15]  jules xx: i love you two together
[03:16]  jules xx: my freak sisters

Brenda then eliminated herself from the competition by falling asleep. That's when things started to get a lil freaky.

[03:18]  jules xx: do you want some popcorn Kathy?
[03:18]  Kathy(xxx): yes bb
[03:18]  jules xx whispers: or do you prefer suck my fingers?
[03:19]  Kathy(xxx): depends which one is saltier

I felt a mixture of both arousal and fear. Then he vanished before the movie ended....
[03:23]  jules xx: oops my wife
[03:23]  jules xx: i have to go
[03:23]  Kathy(xxx): tell her I said hi
[03:23]  Brenda Luann Schmidt(xx) waves
[03:23]  jules xx: she has only one leg but she runs quickly
[03:24]  Kathy(xxx): oh my lanta
[03:24]  jules xx: bye my hearts
[03:24]  Brenda Luann Schmidt(xx): bye my sexy blingmaster

Brenda and I discussed it and we decided that we give Breaking Dawn two thumbs wayyy uppp.  It was a life changing experience, Bella was so skinny. We also made a pact to never let another man get in the way of our friendship, even if he has nice earrings.  Brenda hasn't lost hope that she'll run into Jules again (she's looking for him in the above pic l-o-l). Bye for now!

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