Monday, January 14, 2013

You jealous or Mad??

Best Game EVER!  SkeeBall <3

We have been gone for far too long, of course, we missed you dearly! Tonight, Brenda and I wanted to share a few pictures of us letting off steam at the local SL arcade.  The haters were lining up too.  They just couldn't handle our mad skills in skeeball, as well as our hip style and fashion sense.  

Who could blame them?  We are a sight to behold! 

 Kathy trying to get a grip on her ball...she always was awkward with balls...or so I heard.

You can dooo it, Kathy!

Kathy taking a break from SkeeBall.  Word on the street is she likes to "Whack It".

Smooth operator. ;) Haters gonna hate.

Brenda Cheesin' and showing off her (few) pearly whites.

Wooo hoo, we did it!  We beat our high scores from last month!  Nailed it <3

Dat ass indeed.

<3 Brenda and Kathy


Sunshine Tentacles said...

totally totally jealous xD

Brenda and Kathy said...

No reason to be jealous! You should come hang out with us soon!! \o/

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