Saturday, February 22, 2014

First Date

Finally, after a few weeks of internet dating, Kathy and Stuart decided to go on a second life (a.k.a. non-Skype) date!  Kathy had been nervous for days but once he walked up onto the doorstep with a rose she knew she was falling fast for this hunky ginger!  Stuart might have shown up slightly overdressed but he proved he really does know how to treat a lady! 

They had a glorious dinner at Mingle's Italian Restaurant, it may have been a bit awkward at first but once Stuart ordered the cheapest bottle of wine in the house...things started looking up for the pair.

He surprised her by taking her on a lovely ride in the Second Life Tunnel of Love.  His knees were shaking while he contemplated sneaking a kiss in the dark.  Too bad an asthma attack from being so nervous made him re-think that idea! 

Aww, a budding romance. Isn't that just as sweet as pie??  Look at him!  He cannot take his eyes off of her!

The decided to finish off the date with a romantic movie at the Mingle Drive-in...will he make his move??


Finally that goofy nerd is making his move for a kiss goodnight!!

Ah, crap!  Her headgear is in the way!!  

At least their first date will be memorable, to say the least!!

What do you think about this match-up?  Do you think they are a good match?  Let us know, we would love your feedback.  If you do think they are a great match like we do, suggest some (fun) date ideas!  It would be a lot of fun with input from our friends!

~Love, Kathy and Brenda

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